Polar Bear Plunge

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With a staggering 89 official plunge spots, the Netherlands is the perfect place for a brand new Year’s dive (locally often called Nieuwjaarsduik). The preferred swimming point is the pier in Scheveningen. Each year more than 10,000 brave swimmers head to this coastal town to test their iron will in the frigid waters of the North Sea. You can acknowledge the contributors by their vibrant orange caps, check here offered by the event’s sponsor Unox, and by the steaming bowls of snert (break up pea soup) the swimmers eat to heat themselves up after the plunge.

Everybody, it appeared, hoped to absorb a little bit of Hof’s magnetic vitality and healthful vitality - even if, bodily, he wasn't going to hitch us there. "Good luck with that," Christoforo says.The man's spectacular ability to withstand extreme cold is the result of decades of bodily and mental conditioning. The "average joe" isn't likely to turn into an "Iceman" after a weekend workshop.

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